River Run


Bill and Martha are avid cyclists, and loved the steep wooded river valley site they found near the state forest. The challenge was to shoehorn the house and garage between the required septic field and conservation setbacks. The house is perched on the edge of the hill, midway up into the surrounding tree canopy. A steep switchback driveway marked by hefty timber bollards descends between the house and garage. Entry is via a cedar bridge from the driveway to the foyer.

The interior is laid out along the hill, with the master suite angling off toward the more gently-sloped east end. The living room and screened porch lie at the steeper west end with the cascading river below. Corner windows expand the views on the compressed site. Cedar decks cling to the rear of the house, and another bridge connects the screened porch to the edge of the hill.

The lower level houses the biker’s bunkhouse and meets the ground with a small terrace before descending towards the river. Upstairs are two small bedrooms in-the-trees. Clad completely in knotty cedar, the house is in and of the woods, with a treehouse quality. The interior continues this theme with variegated bamboo flooring, laminated pine stairs, and tension cable guardrails. Energy Star certified.