Cedar Suite


David & Robyn had a finely crafted home exposed to sunlight and distant views. The problem was a small 2nd bedroom for guests, no mudroom, and a master suite that was upstairs and a bit quirky. The existing layout allowed the small front bedroom to be adapted into a mudroom/laundry area with direct access from the garage. A covered link was considered, but rejected in favor simple walkway to preserve the open relationship to the landscape. The major work was to build a new master suite on the main level, leaving the upstairs as a private guest suite.

The master suite addition is built as a pavilion rotated in relation to the strict geometry of the house, to take in the view while being sheltered from the road. High transom windows provide daylight from the road direction while affording privacy. A link perpendicular to the house fits between existing windows on the first and second floor, and contains the new master bathroom. The angled geometry also affords the master bedroom privacy from the living areas, even with a glass panel door to the suite.

We riffed on some of the existing materials and details, nodding to what was there, yet giving the addition its own character. For example, the existing house had both cedar clapboard and vertical siding – we combined them to create a waistband detail for the addition. Inside for the existing hall, the country cherry floor of the foyer was extended to the addition, where a transition was made to country oak. The new tiled floors and shower wall picked up on the existing use of slate, with new variations of color and dimension. A number of built-ins were rendered in white oak including the mudroom and master closet, and bathroom cabinets. Energy improvements included fully insulating the basement, and new LED lighting throughout.