hello small world

It’s been fifteen years since I’ve hung out a shingle of my own. For most of those years I’ve been working solo and so my reflections on practice tend to rattle around inside my own brain. With the new website up and running I’ve found the opportunity to set down some thoughts. I’ve been fortunate to work with many thoughtful customers over the years, through a wide range of project scales and budgets. Each project is unique, yet themes and patterns emerge, hence these musings. I hope they make interesting reading for those of you considering building a home, others in the field, and those with a general interest in the subject.

My own interest in architecture took hold during a year of studying Engineering Science when I dated a girl whose father was an Architect. He was a graceful East Indian chap who introduced me to watercolor painting and the world of design. After working as an office boy for a year (running blueprints in the basement, learning basic drafting), I headed to the University of Waterloo. The School of Architecture there was all about studio culture, with many late nights grappling with concepts and form, working towards deadlines and critiques. The work-study program provided practical experience to balance flights of design and academic theory. We also spent a semester studying in Rome with a wealth of exposure to the rich history of classical architecture.

After graduation, a colleague and I put our hands to hammer and created Small Building Company, a design and construction firm in Toronto. That experience gave me an appreciation for the challenges and satisfaction of making something with my own hands, as well as for project management. When I met my wife I moved to the U.S. and returned to the professional side of architecture.

My current practice is that of a small town/rural Architect in the northeast. The Berkshires in western Massachusetts is a lovely county of rolling and rugged hills rising to small mountains. Much of the land here is in reserve— too steep, too wet, or otherwise protected, so the mixed forest generally has its way and we appear from above as a sea of green. Our share of farmland and developed areas hug the valleys here in South County until they spill into the plains of Sheffield. Our work is predominantly residential, of the custom home variety, involving renovations, additions, and new homes. With the advent of the internet we find our reach extending further afield into central Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut.

Enjoy your reading, and drop us a note if you like.