degree of difficulty 1

Back in Canada I worked for an Architect who once likened the practice of architecture to Olympic figure skating. In it there is technical skill, finesse, creative interpretation, performance, competition, and success is in part a judgment call. In scoring one looks at all of those elements and judges not only the execution but the […]

architecture 101

The practice of architecture holds a certain fascination for many. It is a broad endeavor that can involve a synthesis of history, philosophy, shelter, social understanding, geometry, structure, artistic aspiration, craft, and practical use, with a promise to outlive it’s creators. As a functional art it appeals to the balance between the logical and intuitive aspect […]

hello small world

It’s been fifteen years since I’ve hung out a shingle of my own. For most of those years I’ve been working solo and so my reflections on practice tend to rattle around inside my own brain. With the new website up and running I’ve found the opportunity to set down some thoughts. I’ve been fortunate […]