Our context is regional: the natural, rural, and built landscape. Our compass is universal: the sun, sky, earth, and life. Our focus is on the narrative of daily life, the function and feeling of places. Shelter is fundamental – protection & repose from one’s surroundings, balanced with a healthy connection to the outdoors.

Residential design is about tailoring a project to a particular dweller, program and site, yet providing a general adaptability for the long life of a home. It begins with a plan and 3-dimensional concept, followed by development, and detailed drawings for construction. We emphasize the integration of passive solar, insulation, tightness & ventilation to create a comfortable, healthy, and low energy-use home.


Architecture is a craft honed by the act of making things. Our approach is grounded in our carpentry and construction experience coupled with a spirit of invention. Natural and simple materials connect us to the earth and history: wood, stone, metal, glass. Durability and ease of maintenance are important for all projects.

We offer a range of services that can be tailored to specific project needs. For the D.I.Y. homeowner on a budget, a simple design and set of permit drawings is enough. For more creative projects a high level of detail is appropriate, including interior & cabinetry design, as well as site visits and communication throughout construction.